Entrepreneur, Author, Media Mogul, Motivational Speaker, and Humanitarian are just a few titles of distinction used to describe Hezekiah Griggs III, who is known today as one of the world’s youngest and most respected ‘thought-leaders.’ His name means, “He who God has Strengthened,” and at 26, his collective work in the world clearly exhibits the power of a name.

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Hezekiah Griggs III

Griggs started his first business at the age of seven. As a teenager, Griggs founded HG3media, where he successfully published and operated magazines and media products geared towards teens. While developing his business in high school, Griggs began consulting with Fortune 500 companies on their marketing, banking, and media relations with the billion-dollar teen consumer market.

Griggs is currently the Chief Ambassador for Ambassadors for Leadership. The founding chairman, Ambassadors for Leadership is an elite, invitation-only leadership organization creating profoundly unique life-changing leadership experiences for the youth it impacts. As the Chief Ambassador, Griggs is the highest ranking representative of the organization and the chief executive of its operations. He serves as Chancellor of both the Junior Ambassadors program, and LDR Academy.

A highly successful entrepreneur and CEO, Griggs runs a network of businesses including: HG3media, H360 Capital, Grilin, StreamCable, FourTV, ADjute, Wattle, HG3 Speakers, and RYP Seminars. A highly sought-after business strategist, Griggs serves as Senior Advisor to five corporate firms throughout the year.

As a part of his mission to address the economic plight facing urban cities, in early 2011 Griggs founded the Urban Entrepreneur Alliance (UEA). The UEA is devoted to showcasing the entrepreneurial talent of urban entrepreneurs and the economic success of their ventures in urban communities.

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Hezekiah Griggs III’s inspirational journey from poverty to prosperity is a timeless example of empowerment for all who dare to dream. Born into poverty, Griggs’ story is not unlike that of many young people in America today. In the face of adversity, Griggs rose above his circumstances and continues to demonstrate that his talent, drive, and ambition will lead to success after success. His name is synonymous “Character-Driven Success,” and his faith and passion have fostered a myriad of business ventures, organizations, and community outreach initiatives that have impacted the lives of countless youth throughout the world.

Hezekiah Griggs III has dedicated a significant portion of his life to helping others. Griggs has donated and raised money for low-income students to attend college, medical awareness initiatives for third-world countries, and leadership programs for youth. A major advocate for mentorship, Griggs personally mentors high school and college students. Among his many non-profit and humanitarian initiatives, Griggs serves as Chairman of the HG3 Foundation, the Initiative for Innovative Leadership & Entrepreneurship (IILE), and HG3 University. He is also an active member of several regional and national non-profit organizations. Griggs is also the founder and main facilitator of LeadersCamp, a national overnight leadership program recognized as one of the most distinguished and celebrated retreat programs in the nation.

The recipient of more than five hundred awards, Griggs has been recognized by organizations around the world. To date, he has received seven honorary degrees, and has been acknowledged by over thirty state and community chapters of the NAACP. Optimists International, AME Churches, Florida International, and World of Money are among the many organizations that have celebrated and honored Griggs' business and philanthropic initiatives. A noted MLK Fellow, Griggs was recently honored as a “Legend in the Making” at the 55th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.


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