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Greetings! Thank You for visiting my personal website. Whether you have supported me, or just visiting my website to learn about who I am and the work that I do, I am glad you took the time to stop by.

For the past 17 years, I have dedicated my life to achieving new heights as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and servant-leader. Through my experiences I've learned that "life is a beautiful struggle." Certainly for me, at least, you don't learn anything in life without experiencing your fair share of struggles - the way in which we rise from a fall, overcome a difficult obstacle, and face the challenges of tomorrow - bring forth a renewed sense of beauty to life and our great purpose on earth.

I am eternally grateful for each moment I've shared in the public spotlight and each life I've impacted in a special way. I am truly blessed to be who I am.

A special thank you to the many people who have supported me, worked for and with me, and challenged me throughout my career. Each of you, have a place in my legacy, and together we have accomplished more than just the 'American Dream;' undoubtedly we have made dreams happen not only in this country, but throughout the world.

As you continue to support and learn about the work I involve myself in, I ask that you continue to keep me lifted in prayer so that I may continue to be a positive influence in the world! Let us work together to changes lives, and 'spark a fire' in the minds of each person we come in contact with.

With Leadership,

Hezekiah Griggs III

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